Criminal Defense

  • "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

    State Criminal Offenses

    • Felonies/misdemeanors
    • Fraud
    • DUI
    • Sex Crimes
    • Gang Offenses
    • Theft Crimes
    • Domestic Violence
    • Assault and Battery
    • Robbery
    • Juvenile Cases
    • Vehicular Manslaughter
    • Child Abuse
    • Suspended License
    • Drug Cases
    • Identity theft/Forgery
    • Firearms/Weapons Charges
    • Manslaughter
    • Skilled Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving The Community

      Attorney Justin P. Rodriguez offers a comprehensive defense that is both aggressive and proactive against criminal charges. For more than a decade, we have fought to protect the rights of our clients while thinking of them as our own Family. Attorney Justin Rodriguez treats every case like a high–profile case. We take great pride in fighting for the rights of the ‘Every-day Joe’ in our community. Standing up for the little guy is what we do best.

    • Our Team Approach

      Our firm knows that each case is different and every fact is important. We work hand-in-hand with our Clients to make sure we get their input and keep them informed throughout the entire process. From petty theft and DUI’s to drug possession and attempted murder, our experience and desire to fight for justice gives us the advantage.

      From day one, we make sure we are aware of our clients’ concerns and priorities and never stop fighting.

    • You Are The Celebrity

      Many Attorneys will often seek added attention for celebrity clients as though they should be treated any differently. At Justice Law Partners, we treat every client like a celebrity, fighting for justice with zeal, dedication and passion.
      Being charged with a crime is a terrifying experience that can have serious consequences on your Freedom, Employment, Reputation, Finances, Child Custody and even your Immigration Status. Because of all of the critical issues at stake, we know our Clients not only expect our commitment, but they also expect our honesty.

  • "If we must die, we die defending our rights." - Sitting Bull

    Federal Criminal Offenses
    • Federal Courts Throughout
      California and Nationwide

      Federal Cases often involve interpretation of complex laws and experience with variables such as informants or wire-taps. At Justice Law Partners, our attorneys have been fighting Federal Charges for decades, with an extensive knowledge of the nuances and plea bargaining process.

    • Get Help Now

      If you are under investigation, have been contacted by the authorities or have been arrested, call us immediately. Federal Investigations often involve continued surveillance throughout the investigatory period and even after charges have been filed. Making sure you have competent legal representation can make all the difference!

    • Experienced Trial Lawyers

      Understanding every aspect of the federal judicial process is critical in providing a strong legal defense. We know that often times, Federal Charges are the result of lengthy investigations. In other words, the Federal Prosecutor may have an initial advantage by having a large amount of information that can hurt you in Court. Our Attorneys are ready to challenge every part of the investigation, whether it was done properly or whether the information gathered can be even be admitted as evidence.