“There’s is more than one way to bake a cake” Alternative Sentencing may be a good option…

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Too often, Clients will come into my office and fear they have no real way of resolving their issues without extremes. In other words, a Client may assume a Criminal case will absolutely result in jail time.  Nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, our office takes great pride and goes through great efforts to provide our clients with consideration of Alternative Sentencing Programs. Our Attorney have extensive experience resolving criminal matters without any jail time at all.  Even though some restrictions may apply, there are a variety of cases that will allow an “Alternative” to going to jail…For example: Community Service, Community Labor, Restitution, Drug Addiction Programs, Domestic Violence Counseling, Anger Management Classes, are all just some of the many ways a District Attorney may be okay with resolving a Criminal matter without forcing a Client to do jail time…

Let’s face it, no one wants to go to jail…your Freedom is paramount.  Going to jail can take you away from your Family, Loved-ones, inhibit your ability to take care of medical issues and also cause you to lose your job.  Therefore, being able to resolve your case without going to jail is always a top priority. Moreover, many programs that will be discussed on our next Blog may even allow for your case to be dismissed entirely upon successful completion.  In the end, Justice Law Partners always works closely with our Clients so that they fully understand every available option.  Only after fully weighing the advantages and disadvantages, can you make an informed decision and proceed with confidence.     

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