Time is ALWAYS of the essence…

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Many times, Clients will come to me after considerable time has passed with regards to their case or legal concern. All too often, they realize that their case or legal concern might have been resolved sooner or with less expense had they sought out my help at the outset. “Why didn’t I come to you sooner!? UGH!”, is a phrase I hear from my Clients once they see how our legal approach or strategy might be effected by the lapse in time that has already passed. Luckily, most of the time we can recover from their failure to immediately seek legal assistance, but why put yourself at a disadvantage in the first place?

I always tell Clients that seeing an Attorney is much like seeking medical attention from a Doctor…the sooner you come in, the sooner we can help. In a car-accident case, the ultimate settlement will undoubtedly be strongly effected by how soon you sought medical attention and how were treated, in a Criminal case, we can start discussing possible resolutions with the District Attorney in addition to investigating and securing witness testimony that may be critical at a later time. In other words, never wait! Our Consultations are ALWAYS FREE. By coming into our office at the beginning of a case or legal concern, we will be able to consider more options…and the more options the better; it gives your Attorney the ability to consider multiple strategies, and it gives you the ability to consider different potential outcomes based on your priorities.

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